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" It is a basic law of consciousness that we are, in
the totality of our nature, larger than anything
that we can identify or witness. "   - Richard Moss

pictureThe Anderson Private School endeavors to provide a pastoral atmosphere that permits precocious children to compact, accelerate, and enrich their academic careers. In this setting, bright children are enveloped in an environment that permits them with like minds and personalities. This enables them to accept their unique abilities and to be accepted by peers with similar capabilities.

Establishing this unique environment where our children can not just survive but thrive is not unproblematic. The contributions of supporters like you enable us to meet the needs of highly able and creative children.

How Can You Contribute?


Your financial assistance facilitates our ability to assist children in need of personalized instruction and highly modified curriculums.

Matching Gifts

Does your company have a gift matching program? Matching funds from your workplace double your contribution. We have discovered that many companies provide this assistance to schools. Find out if the company you are engaged with, have a matching gift program for schools. Contact the management to discover if they can support a truly worthy cause

Material Support
We greatly appreciate material donations of new technology, school and other supplies, other items. Please see our request list.


Paper towels
Toilette paper


Scholarship Support
If you would like to sponsor a child, in part or in whole, you may do so online by clicking the donate button below or by contacting Dr. Nelson Eichman or Dr. William Anderson by clicking here.

To contribute, you may donate online. Matching company gifts can effectively double the value of your gift.




Please consider this chart when choosing the amount you would like to donate.





$1 – 100


$100 - 500


$500 - 1000


$1000 - 5,000


$5000 +




(Full Tuition)

Trip Portfolio and Photos

The entire school travels somewhere every Friday for an adventurous experience. Click below to see our trip portfolio.

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