About Anderson School.


nderson School was founded in 1995. We are a small, independent, private school designed for gifted, talented, and creative students that allows true academic freedom for both students and teachers. Based on extensive research into successful gifted education, Anderson School has no traditional grading, no standardized tests, and no traditional homework; although, we highly encourage learning after school hours. Studies have shown that traditional grading, standardized testing, and repetitive, traditional homework destroy a child's love of learning and prevent academic growth. The school was founded to serve the unique needs of intellectually, academically and creatively precocious children. The primary mission of the school is to motivate children by: providing an exceptionally different learning environment, compacting scholastic curriculums with individualized lesson plans, offering meaningful, enrichment opportunities, surrounding students with an inspiring, carefully selected faculty and with peers who complement their intellect, providing a setting that allows for animal friends, and creating a bonding environment.

We focus on early college enrollment, and usually, at age sixteen, students are dual-enrolled in college and Anderson School. Students are welcome to make application for enrollment anytime during the school year. Our open enrollment policy allows us to enroll qualified students throughout the school year. We would enjoy meeting your family and helping your child become successful in school.

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The Founders.

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Anderson began planning a private school for gifted children in 1983 after searching the metroplex for a special school for their own gifted children and not finding one. They realized that they would need a highly personalized educational experience that would not change their own children's vibrant personalities, curiosity, and innate longing to learn. They set out to change the face of gifted and talented education in Texas and beyond.

Since their first day of school in 1995, Anderson has continued to foster the same goals and principles Dr. and Mrs. Anderson first created and employed, as they stand out today as one of the only schools in the nation to empoy academic freedom, an extremely small student-to-teacher ratio, early college enrollement, a focus on enrichment, and a learning environment tailored especially and soley for gifted, talented, and creative students.

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School History.

Initial Planning.

The planning for the campus began in 1983. It started in December of that year with the birth of Dr. and Mrs. Anderson's daughter and later with their son. As time passed by, Dr. and Mrs. Anderson realized that their children would need a highly personalized educational experience.


Campus Acquisition.

Five acres was purchased in West Fort Worth and the labor intensive construction of the campus took four years to complete. Construction was completed in 1995.



Later, as the concept for this school began to take physical shape, Dr. and Mrs. Anderson were grateful for the very kind assistance and advice of Dr. Nelson Eichman, now the Director of Business and Finance for the school. He persisted in getting this project started. His assistance and encouragement was fundamental in purchasing the land and providing for the physical plan and many other things necessary for opening the school on the first day in 1995.


Early Supporters.

Other generous and compassionate individuals provided time and talent in building this school and helping in the day to day operation. John Hammons will be forever remembered for his countless hours of hard work and ever present optimism. Our library is named in his honor. Frank Adams: a true friend to all children and wonderful companion for both LeVonna and Bill Anderson. The learning center is named in his honor. And many others are due our sincere gratitude including our dear friend, Jim R. Ewing, a wonderful teacher and an inspiration to everyone that was in his life.


Mission and Values.

The mission of the Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative is to provide a joyful learning environment and a safe haven for children who are intellectually precocious, academically talented, or highly creative.

Our primary goal is to facilitate the growth of students as independent, self-directed learners with the development of skills, concepts and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional and social domains.


The admission procedure is intended to acquaint prospective parents and students with the school and its philosophy. Furthermore, it is designed to give assurance that the goals parents have for their children's educational future are compatible with the mission and philosophy of the school.