Features of the School.

  • Small class size with individual tutoring and mentoring
  • Primary focus is upon motivation
  • Accelerated academic curriculums
  • Frequent pre-testing for rapid progression
  • Shakespeare production performed each year
  • Curriculums compacted to reduce redundancy, anxiety and boredom
  • Continuum of achievement levels with no discrete grade levels by age
  • Personalized curriculum for each child
  • Continuous progress assessment - no traditional report cards or grades are issued
  • Minimum acceptable level of mastery is ninety percent (90%)
  • Focus on Fine Arts: Art & Theater
  • Arts - Greek Drama, Mythology, Shakespeare and other notable playwrights
  • Training provided in etiquette, dress and grooming
  • Comprehensive community resource utilization with weekly study/fun (field) trips
  • Study of Greek and Latin
  • Substantive enrichment components integrated, in part, to limit the study of core academics to no more than fifty percent of time in school
  • Emphasis on higher order, analytical, abstract, creative, divergent, productive thinking
  • Hands on Equations Program (concrete Algebra utilizing manipulatives) for all students beginning at age six
  • Intellectually stimulating Mensa games and activities
  • Philosophy: The Art of Wondering
  • Critical and evaluative thinking activities with discussion and analysis of current events
  • Epic Literature
  • Foreign Language required (Greek, Latin and French)
  • Introduction of new information typically limited to one or two learning cycles (for the purpose of acceleration)
  • History taught as literature
  • Adventure Trips (overnight & one week long)
  • Petting Zoo and Aviary with animal friends for the children (we want each child to have an animal friend at school)
  • Personal instruction/tutoring in the use of the computer and in building computers
  • Study skills and test taking strategies emphasized with preparation for the SAT beginning at age six
  • Aesthetic learning environment with fine art displayed throughout the school
  • One hour of required reading at home in lieu of traditional homework
  • Classical background music played throughout the day (read about the listening benefits here)
  • Guidance and counseling provided on any topic of concern, for students and parents or guardians
  • Home atmosphere (the campus is designed as a home away from home)
  • Lifetime entertainment skills (croquet, guitar, soccer, boma ball.)
  • Uniforms required for all students
  • Community Service components integrated into the annual goals for students

“The only good teachers for you are those friends who love you, who think you are interesting, or very important, or wonderfully funny.” – Brenda Ueland