Leadership and Faculty.

The leadership and faculty of an educational enterprise is the foundational structure that must be designed to foster ideas and enrich curriculum in which they are designing, implementing, and teaching. At Anderson, this foundation has been structured over over many decades through the persistence and perseverance of the founders of the school and the dedication and integrity of the faculty who continually work together with parents to make the learning experience both joyful and academically rewarding.

CO-Director/Founder/Philosophy Teacher.

Dr. William C. Anderson

Dr. William C. Anderson Ed.D.



s a student in Junior High School, William received the Eagle Scout Award at the tender age of 12 and was recognized as the youngest Eagle Scout in the nation at the time. Additionally, he earned the God and Country Award (Ad Altar Dei) at the same age and completed his first college course (Business Mathematic), also at twelve years of age.

While in high school he authored the weekly newspaper column, “Scouting Around” for the Breckenridge American and was a disc jockey and Director of News at radio station KSTB-AM. When he discovered that the high school he attended would never meet his needs (or the real needs of many others) he dropped out to attend college. Under then current law, rather than wait until he was 21 to enroll without a diploma, he successfully petitioned the 90th District Court to remove his deficiencies as a minor, after which he proceeded to enroll. Where there is a will – there is a way!

In 1968, he was awarded the Associate in Arts degree, with high honor, from Ranger Junior College. His experiences at this very special place shaped much of the humanistic philosophy at the Anderson School. The overwhelming compassion and love expressed for the students by the teachers of this small, public, junior college, served to shape the distinctive emphasis upon the affective domain at Anderson. Important to note was the fact that the caring spirit of these loving educators saved many more than William Anderson.

And his experiences at Ranger proved to be the inspiration for him to dedicate his life to placing the emphasis in schooling where it truly belongs - upon much more than learning: to the higher callings of loving and living for others. And one day coming to know that you have the world in your hands when you teach a child - and understand just how precious and fragile a little person is. Yes, they may not know the answers. They may never know. But if they find a pathway to the heart, the answers they seek today simply may not matter. For they will ever come to be unafraid to take in the light and know one day that only love will set them upon the path of living life for a noble purpose and having it filled with compassion for all.

As a college student he served as Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 57 in Abilene and worked his way through college hosting the “Bill Anderson” music program, in addition to other formats at KWKC-AM in Abilene. He has fond memories of co-hosting the Curtis Stone Soul Show, which began at midnight and proved to be an eye-opening introduction to the real world of late night radio.

Later, he was invited to join the announcing staff at KFMN-FM and enjoyed hosting such programs as “The Classical Music Hour” and other music shows in a broad based easy listening format. In addition, he created and hosted the weekly radio talk-show, “On The Line” simulcast over several radio stations including KBLE (cable) and KACC (for Abilene Christian College), and originating from the studios of KFMN.

As an undergraduate at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, he was nominated for the Rhodes Scholarship by University President Dr. Elwin Skiles and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with majors and certifications in Political Science and Speech with an emphasis in public address.

In 1971, Dr. Anderson completed requirements for the degree, Master of Education from Abilene Christian University, which included additional certifications in Elementary Education, Instructional Supervision and all-level Administration. He gained experience teaching at the intermediate level in Sweetwater, Texas and at the secondary and elementary levels in Abilene.

In 1977, he received the Doctor of Education degree with a triple major in curriculum, educational psychology and administration from Baylor University. His dissertation resulted in a study of programs for the gifted and talented in Texas public schools. Following a report to the State Board of Education on its findings, the study was utilized in establishing priorities and goals for a new department for gifted and talented education at the Texas Education Agency. The study concluded that very little was offered gifted and talented children in Texas. The original copy of his dissertation was donated to the archives of the newly formed department at the request of the first Director, Ann Shaw.

Dr. Anderson’s professional experiences include, serving as an Elementary Teacher in Sweetwater and Abilene, High School Principal at Reisel, Texas, Primary School Principal for LaVega I.S.D., Elementary Principal for White Settlement I.S.D. and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum for Everman I.S.D.

In 1999, Dr. Anderson retired from the public sector of education to assist his wife, LeVonna, in meeting the ever increasing needs of a new private school enterprise. The Anderson Private School was founded to provide for their children and others in need of accelerated and enriched curriculums and an environment filled with tender loving care and focused upon the affective and cognitive.

Today Dr. Anderson wears the many hats of an administrator and teaches classes in Philosophy, Vocabulary Enrichment and others related to the social sciences. He is an active member of the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. And he believes in integrating creative thinking and risk taking in the personal goals established for children so that they may go beyond preparing themselves for a “job.”

His strong belief is that we empower the next generation to become entrepreneurs, dreamers and dynamic thinkers and leaders, understanding and placing tremendous value in the positive and courageous qualities of failure (perhaps, our greatest teacher!). He longs to see every young person ingratiated with the confidence to become a true renaissance person, assured, capable, secure in knowledge, reawakened and revitalized, and capable of taking any obstacle in life and turning it to an advantage.

Letters of Recommendation


Mrs. A

LeVonna C. Anderson, A.A., B.A.

Mrs. Anderson's father is a veteran of WWII. During his years in the military, she and her family had to move frequently, depending on where he was stationed. Among the many places she lived, Alaska was among them. After moving to Texas, she spent the first two years of her college career earning the degree, Associate in Arts, from Tarrant County College. Later she graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington with a major in English and minor in History. Upon graduation she became, under the inspiring and dynamic leadership of the Superintendent, Dr. Nelson Eichman, an instructor in White Settlement I. S. D. and was later promoted to chair the Department of English at Brewer High School. While at Brewer she was voted “Favorite Teacher of the Year” by the students.

Now that’s when trouble began – she met Dr. Anderson. It was at a conference for the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented in Houston. Later they were married and truly blessed with two beautiful, gifted children. The trouble ensued when she struggled to find appropriate gifted services for the children and found nothing substantial available. Mrs. Anderson then resigned from her teaching position and dedicated her life to caring for and home schooling her two children.

In 1995, the home classroom evolved into a larger and more vibrant format when she co-founded, with her dreamer and husband William, a new school for gifted, talented and highly creative children emphasizing guidance and counseling for the social and emotional needs of this unique population.

Today she serves as the principal resource for all students in the school, striving to create a child friendly atmosphere while empowering children to become autonomous learners with a life-long love of reading and learning.

When Mrs. Anderson is not working, which is rare, she enjoys going to movies, traveling, writing, visiting friends and keeping up with the extraordinary accomplishments of her past students.

Director of Finance & Business.

Nelson Eichman

Nelson F. Eichman, Ed.D.

Dr. Eichman has been involved with the Anderson Private School since planning for the school was initiated over twenty years ago. Nelson is a very dear friend of both Dr. and Mrs. Anderson and assists the school with financial planning and the day to day operation of the financial and business aspects of the school. In addition, he volunteers his time tutoring students in mathematics and related subjects. We consider him a wonderful friend and supporter of our school. His is a highly experienced school administrator, financial planner, tax consultant and real estate representative.

He has over thirty years of success in leading major multi-million dollar projects, implementing policy and administrations in government, education and financial institutions, in the filed as the executive manager, as well as a professor, teaching methodology, to other administrators.

At the Tarrant Appraisal District as Chief Appraiser, he executed the state’s first ever county-wide reappraisal for metro areas. Additionally, he served as Interim Chief Appraiser of the Hopkins Appraisal District and Project Consultant for the first statewide reappraisals in Kansas and Wyoming. While helping implement the current Texas Property Tax System at T.A.D., he served as advisor to the Japanese Minister of Property Taxation in restructuring the national system of Japan.

Dr. Eichman is respected for his ethics and achievements in the advancement of the Texas Public School System and as a community leader. Responsible for Policy and Administration, he performed well over expectations in the communities involved and currently serves as Board Director and Financial Officer for the Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative.

He administered the securing, disbursing and investing of School District funds, utilizing several resources and methods for funding multi-million dollar budgets. This was concurrent with overseeing curriculum, certification and training of personnel, student performance, capital construction and acquisition and providing high ROI for the largest and most demanding type of stockholder constituency, the taxpayers and families of our children.

He has been a consultant to financial institutions, relating to CUSO’s / New Business Development and Commercial Lending and served as Board Director for the Northwest National Band and Board Director and past Chairman of the Board for the Educational Employees Credit Union for over twenty years. He is a registered Professional Appraiser (Texas), a Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent.

As a Real Estate Appraiser and Property Tax Representative he owned Eikon Consulting with clients including the F.D.I.C., and many financial institutions, developers, and homeowner’s associations.

Epic Literature & Greek and Latin Teacher.

Henry Lacey

Henry Hoyt Lacey

Mr. Harry Hoyt Lacey – A. B. (Princeton) ; M. Div. (Nashotah House) is currently a Fellow in Literature at the School of Liberal Studies of the Walsingham Society of Christian Culture and Western Civilization.

He also served as Professor of Greek and Latin and Literature at the College of Saint Thomas More since its inception.

We are indeed fortunate to have Mr. Lacey with us. Our students treasure the time they spend with him each day.



Mrs. Rogers

We seek to empower children with mathematical skills and problem solving strategies that are essential in functioning in our complex world. Placement in the mathematics curriculum will be consubstantial with a child’s ability and considered potential. We offer a continuum of program options ranging from the traditional to university level studies.

In confronting a highly evolving, accelerating technological future, we strive to provide for acceleration and compaction of the curriculum, coupled with what we have found to be effective, highly individualized tutorial guidance and assistance.

As found on universities, math tutors are available at Anderson to provide tutelage to students when they require it. This allows students to move through the curriculum at their own pace, typically at an accelerated rate.

French Language, Culture & History Teacher.


Philippe H. Arrighi

Mr. Arrighi was born in Paris, France in 1935. He has been teaching at corporations, institutions and individuals for over 40 years. His schooling was in private schools in France and at the University of Chicago and University of Illinois. Philippe’s languages include French, English, and Spanish.

The school benefits from his rich education and worldly travels, and his principle focus will be upon French culture, history, and language.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Arrighi’s interests include sports and fishing and supporting the North Texas Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In his spare time, he is a private tutor for students of all ages.

Visual Arts.


Mr. Brewer

Anderson School offers visual arts experiences for students of all ages. Students learn about the variety of visual arts experiences in our culture, design concepts and art principles along with the development of techniques.

With encouragement, students develop Art fundamentals in order to gain a sense of design and structure. Students are encouraged to develop portfolios and, importantly, to explore creatively, designs entirely of their own.

Our art students work in a variety of dimensions to explore artistic styles. Their increased exposure of techniques in drawing and other mediums is interwoven into a variety of projects of their own choosing.

Performing Arts Teacher.


George Rodriguez

George is delighted to be working at The Anderson Private School, doing what he loves to do the most. For Mr. Rodriguez, teaching Shakespeare is truly a labor of love by which he can instruct students in some of the greatest words ever written. For him, the knowledge of Shakespeare is not only a theatrical endeavor, but one where students become knowledgeable and flourish in the detailed vocabulary and phrases that give students “life-training.”

George X. Rodriguez is a working theatre professional on and offstage in the Fort Worth area for over the past twenty eight years. As an actor, Mr. Rodriguez has been seen at Artes De La Rosa, the Fort Worth Theatre Hispanic Series, SceneShop, Shakespeare In The Park, and The Dallas Shakespeare Festival.

As a Technical Director, George has worked for Casa Manana, Stage West, Teatro de La Rosa and Tarrant County College at the Northwest and Northeast campuses. His work as a fight choreographer has been seen at Hip Pocket Theatre, Jubilee Theatre and Fort Worth Theatre.

George has been actively involved with the Anderson School in its annual Shakespeare productions for many years.

Mr. Rodriguez is very fortunate to do what he enjoys for a profession and has been awarded on both sides of the stage for his efforts. He is a proud Graduate of the Texas Wesleyan University Theatre Department where he was awarded The Law Sone Award for The Most Outstanding Senior of his Graduating Class.

George is happy to call Fort Worth his home. His main source of inspiration comes from his family and he thanks them for their unwavering love and support.

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