nderson School was founded in 1995 by Dr. and Mrs. Anderson. Anderson is a small, independent, private school in Fort Worth, Texas that does not accept government funding; this allows true academic freedom for both students and teachers. At Anderson, we focus on early college enrollment, and usually, at age sixteen, students are dual-enrolled in college and Anderson School. Students are welcome to make application for enrollment anytime during the school year. Our open enrollment policy allows us to enroll qualified students throughout the school year. We would enjoy meeting your family and helping your child become successful in school. You may schedule a tour here.

Based on extensive research into successful education, Anderson School has no traditional grading, no standardized tests, and no traditional homework; although, we highly encourage learning after school hours. We recommend: music lessons, foreign language study, museum memberships, online college lectures or college preparation lectures, horseback riding, tennis, martial arts, dancing, swimming, art, chess club, sailing, golf, scouting, theater classes, and theatrical performances (e.g.: live theater, symphony, opera, ballet). Studies have shown that traditional grading, standardized testing, and repetitive, traditional homework destroy a child's love of learning and prevent academic growth.

The school was founded to serve the unique needs of intellectually, academically and creatively precocious children. The primary mission of the school is to motivate children by: providing an exceptionally different learning environment, compacting scholastic curriculums with individualized lesson plans, offering meaningful, enrichment opportunities, surrounding students with an inspiring, carefully selected faculty and with peers who complement their intellect, providing a setting that allows for animal friends, and creating a bonding environment.

Opposed to the industrial classroom setting most schools provide, Anderson creates a learning environment that surrounds students with: art, objects of beauty, higher level thinking activities, and classical music, where they feel comfortable and inspired. Rather than rows of identical desks, you will find large tables in each classroom, designed to create social interaction that will empower students to share their ideas. We are located on five acres, which allows for a pastoral outdoor learning environment, where students are encouraged to commune with nature.

Pre-tests are used as a tool to find out what each student needs to learn. When an area in need of improvement is found, students are tutored in that concept, in one-on-one instruction. This method is the only proven way to accelerate curriculum and leads to 100% mastery. Most subjects are taught with a very low student teacher ratio, typically 1:3. We rely on product and research based learning for appropriate academics. This is the highest level of learning, according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The goal of enrichment at Anderson School is to produce deep thinkers by redefining the core essence of education. In order to accomplish this, a restructuring of the total academic environment is necessary. These include: weekly field trips (we are the only school in the nation to accomplish this goal), daily thinking activities, MENSA games, Shakespeare plays, Greek and Latin, great books, product based learning, self-directed study, and an environment that encourages bonding with peers and faculty.

Surrounding students with an inspiring faculty and like-minded peers enables them to flourish academically, and establish life-long bonds. These bonds are crucial in creating a desire for academic pursuits through the examples of our faculty and encouragement of peers. More important than being a certified teacher, our faculty must have a passion for teaching and must be able to demonstrate superior knowledge and love of their subjects. Most teacher applications we receive are incompatible with our goals and teaching philosophy. Research has shown that in order for gifted children to flourish, it is necessary for them to be surrounded by other gifted children. Anderson in the only school in the area that limits enrollment to students who exhibit gifted traits and creative characteristics.

With a pastoral outdoor learning environment, students are able to develop friendships with animals in our petting zoo and with our rescued canines. These friends enable students to overcome social obstacles and anxieties they have experienced in the past. Our learning environment is not designed to separate students from the natural environment, as is seen in a traditional classroom, but it is created to encourage interaction with nature. In addition, children are encouraged to travel with their parents, when opportunities arise, without academic penalties. Anderson believes travel is an important component of education.

The pages on our website will provide you with information about the school, including the admission requirements and procedure, unique features of the school, and philosophy, along with thousands of photographs relative to our many travels and adventures. We invite you to call us at (817) 448-8484 or e-mail whenever you have questions or need assistance or advice concerning your child, whether or not he or she is enrolled at Anderson School.

Dr. William C. Anderson & LeVonna C. Anderson

Founders & Directors

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