hilosophy, which when you define the word translates into the “love of wisdom,” is infinitely connected to critical thinking. Philosophy often finds itself, like critical thinking, absent from traditional school curriculum.

The Anderson school believes that philosophy opens doors to thought that cannot be unlocked with any other key. We strive to engage students in ideas and also to question our relation to the world. This will help a child formulate opinions and arrive at conclusions as their understanding emerges.

Students seeking to understand the world's dynamic and volatile history and the origins of war, must be able to grasp the philosophical leanings of those involved and in power during the time period being studied.

Areas of philosophical inquiry include:
Metaphysics – The study of existence
Epistemology – The study of what is known
Ethics – The study of action
Politics – The study of force
Ontology – The study of what is real
Axiology – The study of what is beautiful

“Dreams are real while they last; can we say more of life?”
-Havelock Ellis