Admission Procedure.

The procedure for admission is intended to acquaint prospective parents and students with the school and its philosophy. Furthermore, it is designed to give assurance that the goals parents have for their children are compatible with the mission and philosophy of the school and that the applicant is compatible with the staff and the students enrolled in the school. If you are interested in pursuing admission to the school, please follow this procedure:

1 – Tour

Schedule a visit and interview with the directors. Please bring the applicant(s) applying for admission to the interview. This is an opportunity for you and your child(ren) to meet Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, ask questions, and visit the campus. Applicants and parents/guardians are encouraged to spend a day at the school to familiarize themselves with the school and curriculum to ensure a good fit.

The best way to schedule a tour is to call the school at (817) 448-8484. Someone will be happy to talk with you and schedule a tour. Alternatively, you may also fill out an inquiry form by following the link below.

Schedule a Tour

2 – Apply

An application will be available at the school after meeting with the campus director. Please complete the application and submit any additional information you would like to include about the applicant. This may include test scores (achievement, aptitude or ability), historical records (report cards/grades), samples of creative achievements, scrapbook(s), resume/vita, checklist(s) of characteristics, list(s) of awards and recognitions, letter(s) of recommendation or other any items which evidence the applicant's aptitude, achievements, and potential. Please submit copies only, as the application and portfolio are placed in the permanent record at Anderson Private School and cannot be returned.

3 – Interview

Schedule an interview with our consulting psychologist. Contact the office of Dr. David J. Welsh at (817) 735-8299 to make an appointment. Dr. Welsh will assist in ascertaining the qualifications of the applicant(s). You will find Dr. Welsh to be charismatic and highly qualified to assist you and your child(ren).The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are also expected to participate in the interview. The application fee covers the consulting fee for psychologist, Dr. David J. Welsh. Please make payment directly to Dr. Welsh, at the time of your interview.

4 – Review

A review of the application will be conducted by the selection committee. This committee will: (a) Approve the applicant for admission and a six week observation (probation) period or (b) Request additional information or (c) Deny placement. An appeal may be made to the committee.

5 – Acceptance

An acceptance letter will be mailed or emailed if the applicant meets all the qualifications and this will complete the application process.

6 – Payment

Submit tuition payment. Upon acceptance, it is important to make a tuition payment in order to reserve a place for the school year. There are three payment options available.


Determining Giftedness.

Determining if a student is eligible for admission, is a process that is completed by the Directors of the school through an informal and relaxed meeting with both the prospective student and the parent(s)/guardian. Materials indicating giftedness may be brought with the applicant to the visit or may be submitted later with the application. These materials may include test scores (achievement, aptitude or ability), historical records (report cards/grades) or samples of creative achievements. These materials greatly assist the Directors with this process, but are not mandatory to determine eligibility. Anderson School does not offer testing services to indicate if an applicant is gifted, talented, or creative. This kind of test goes against the educational principles which Anderson supports. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact the school and we will be happy to assist you with any further questions: (817) 448-8484.

Child Psychologist.

In addition to the meeting with the Directors of the school, Dr. David Welsh, a consulting child psychologist, meets with all applicants in another informal and relaxed meeting with both the prospective student and the parent(s)/guardians. You will schedule an appointment with his office for this visit. This meeting will assist both the applicant and the school in determining eligibility.

  • Tour the school and meet with the Directors (Applicants are encouraged to spend the day touring the school. Parents and guardians are welcome to stay as well.)
  • Make application to the school and submit additional materials
  • Interview with consulting psychologist
  • Your application, supporting documention, and information from your visit with the consulting psychologist will be reviewed
  • Applicant will receive a letter or email of acceptance
  • Tuition payment will be made in order to secure your spot and before applicant may begin attending school