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Anderson School was founded in 1995. Anderson School is a small, independent, private school that does not accept government funding. At Anderson, we focus on early college enrollment, and usually, at age sixteen, students are dual-enrolled in college and Anderson School. Students are welcome to make application for enrollment anytime during the school year. Our open enrollment policy allows us to enroll qualified students throughout the school year. We would enjoy meeting your family and helping your child become successful in school.

Anderson school was founded to serve the unique needs of intellectually, academically and creatively precocious children. The primary mission of the school is to motivate children by: providing an exceptionally different learning environment, compacting scholastic curriculums with individualized lesson plans, offering meaningful, enrichment opportunities, surrounding students with an inspiring, carefully selected faculty and with peers who complement their intellect, providing a setting that allows for animal friends, and creating a bonding environment.